How is Forecast Pro licensed?

Forecast Pro is licensed on a perpetual, per-named-user basis. This means that the license prices listed here are one-time costs, not recurring annual fees.

What is the difference between a Forecaster and Collaborator license?

A Forecaster license grants the user access to all of Forecast Pro’s functionality, including the ability to import new data, generate statistical forecasts, and manipulate forecast models. With a Collaborator license the user can open previously generated forecasts, make direct forecast adjustments and overrides, and save reports. Both license types also include an Excel add-in that allows seamless collaboration via customized spreadsheets. When configuring licenses for a forecasting team, at least one Forecaster license is required to generate the forecasts.

What about software updates and upgrades?

All Forecast Pro licenses include one year of Maintenance and Support for the software at no additional cost. This includes all product updates offering new features and improved functionality—big or small—as well as unlimited technical support via phone and e-mail.

​The fee to continue annual Maintenance and Support in subsequent years is 15% of the net purchase price paid for the Forecast Pro license.